Honey, 600g

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Five Rivers brand
comes from the trusted house of Punjab Agro, a Punjab Government Undertaking.
Punjab Agro was set up with the objective to add value to horticultural crops
of Punjab and provide the farmers with an opportunity to sell their produce at
competitive rates.

Through Five Rivers,
we seek to enliven the age-old metaphor of “field-to-plate” and
encourage the habit of mindful eating and healthy living. We source fresh fruits,
vegetables and grains directly from the farmers, with no intervention of
middlemen. We process and package the directly sourced produce with utmost
hygiene, into a range of Five Rivers products.

Pure Natural Honey

* Extracted from ethically nurtured Bee Apiaries, formed with unadulterated nectar collected from full bloom     of  forest wild flowers.

* The Bee colonies are bred and maintained with natural measures. Honey remains uncontaminated from     antibiotics, lead and artificial feed/sugar to improve

* Metabolism and immunity. Contains No added preservatives or other additive

* Honey is recommended and used for its miraculous therapeutic properties.

* It is Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.

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