Shade Revive Plant Based Liquid Laundry Detergent, 450ml Refill

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“Born Good” Shade Revive Performance detergent is manufactured using plant based ingredients that are gentle on clothes and don’t contain any toxins.

It is formualted especially for your solid, dark-coloured garments and linen. From the first wash, it protects new garments from fading and restores the colour of used, dark-colored garments. Your clothes last longer and our landfills get smaller!

Suitable for Front-load, Top-load and Hand wash”

“1. Use one capful or 40ml for normal loads of 6-8 kg
2. Use 60ml for heavily soiled loads.
3. Use one capful or 40ml for 6-8 garments in 4 litres water for hand wash.
4. Suitable for front load, top load and hand wash
5. Use with cold water to save energy
6. Cap tightly to retain product efficiency
7. Do not dilute

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