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Shipping Policy

Organic Brand Factory is a marketplace for 100% organic products. When a user orders a product from the platform, the order is shipped directly to their doorstep from either the vendor’s warehouse or our own warehouse depending on the availability of products and the vendor’s convenience. Having said that, all orders on the platform are shipped by our logistics partner, depending upon the logistical partner providing services in the user’s region. 

All orders placed shall additionally include delivery charges based on the location to which the delivery shall be undertaken and the volume/ weight of the product(s) being shipped. However, the company shall waive off charges for reasons of promotional offers, etc. 

As mentioned in the Refunds, Cancellation and Return Policy, if a refund is approved by the platform, while the user would be refunded the complete amount of the product, they would not be refunded the varying shipping charges involved with the order. 

For orders placed by the user, the delivery shall be completed within 5-7 working days of purchase. Though this may take longer due to special circumstances or circumstances such as weather conditions, government regulations, or any other unforeseen situations that are outside the control of the platform. Hence, requests for refund on account of late delivery shall be denied. 

While we at Organic Brand Factory work our best to ensure timely delivery (within 5-7 working days) with the best possible packaging (as instructed strictly to our brand partners), we are not responsible for the delivery issues of our shipping partner and hence, we would not accept any return request on account of a late delivery, hygiene issues with the packaging such as products mixing with each other, etc., or the packaging being damaged. (see Refunds, Cancellation and Return Policy)

The user will be notified of the delivery details and shall be able to trace the package delivery on the logistical partner’s platform for which they shall be provided with a reference or tracking details from the platform itself. 

All the tracking details shall be emailed to the user’s Email ID provided by the user while registering on our platform. The user must make sure that they have access to these details upon placing the order.
The order is marked as Delivered when the user receives the order. The user cannot return the order back to the delivery person once they receive it. Returns have to be processed through email to as per the Refunds, Cancellation and Return policy.

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