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A keen interest in organic living turned into a passion for doing something for the benefit of the society…

Organic Brand Factory™ is the collective solution for all needs organic. On our multi-brand platform, we sell and promote 100% Organic products from Groceries, Packed foods and Superfoods to Cosmetic Products, Tea, Spices, Supplements, etc. from fully certified companies. 

We want to make buying organic products as easy and seamless as lifting a finger and tapping on the screen. We wish to make organic the new industry norm by educating farmers and customers about the plethora of benefits of organic food. 

Led by a group of young entrepreneurs with a vision for future retail, our objective is to safeguard people from the damage caused to them by consuming chemically processed items on a regular basis. 

This is also an initiative to support and unite diverse organic companies and promote their products under one roof. We strive to achieve the highest quality in our products, maintain genuine and loyal relationships with both our partner brands and customers, to make India healthy and wealthy. 

This initiative is taken in support of the Make In India and Vocal for Local Campaigns to develop the agricultural industry of the country and make organic the new norm. 

What we do

We promote the sustainable practices of organic farming by making it easier and accessible for organic farmers and brands to showcase and stand-out from the potentially toxic products that pollute the ecosystem and corrupt the health of individuals.


We provide a simple and accessible marketplace for 100% organic products and help those organic brands grow together for the benefit of society at large.


Each of our products come from thoroughly vetted brands, who are meticulously checked for quality and organic certification. Hence, you can simply expect the best from us.

What we do

Organic food in India, a country where consumers value affordability over everything, is looked at as an unnecessary luxury, but OBF plans to change that ideology by providing the country with ‘Affordable Organic’ through the best prices and discounts. Organic Brand Factory™ is unique because it cuts the clutter and focuses only on 100% organic products.

So when a customer comes to our website, they can rest assured to find genuine products that would impact their lifestyle greatly. They can rest assured of the quality and purity.

What motivates us is our vision to revolutionize the way Indians see organic products which would be achieved through promoting ‘Organic Living’. Creating awareness about the benefits of organic, nutrition, health, fitness, and much more; we won’t just deliver products, but we would deliver a new lifestyle to add as much value to our consumers as possible.

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